"A true professional who knows her trade. Mary’s program WORKS! ... After several failed attempts to clear up my teenage son’s facial acne, we were referred to Mary, at Clear Skin Solutions. She built a custom program that catered to his specific needs. I was worried that he wouldn’t stick to the plan, but Mary kept it simple & I think it was easy for him because he finally saw results & wanted to stick with what was working!! If your ready to finally control & maintain healthy, beautiful looking skin set up a consultation with Mary at Clear Skin Solutions! :)" ~ Jonathan M.

"I would recommend ClearSkin Solutions to anyone that has been suffering from acne and feels like nothing has helped to improve their skin. I've tried EVERYTHING: doctors, lasers, prescriptions, topical gels and creams, herbal supplements, diet...EVERYTHING! But, it wasn't until I started getting regular facials and using the individualized regime prescribed by Clear Care Skin Solutions that my skin improved. Mary truly cares about helping each client that walks through her door and is always ready and willing to answer any questions and concerns, via phone, email or in person in an informed, educated manner." ~ Hannah P.

"Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for you and all you have done for me via Clearskin. I absolutely love my new complexion and what it has done for my life and confidence. I thank God I found you, After I almost gave up from trying "everything on the market". I can not thank you enough!" ~ Jessica O.

"I'm 26, and have struggled with acne for what seems like forever. It was embarrassing and really destroyed my confidence. My first appointment with Mary, I was a bit apprehensive because I had done the whole face creams and medicated washes before, and it always dried my skin out which was even more embarrassing than the acne itself. But as she explained that she had easy to follow instructions that would allow my skin to grow accustomed to the products so I wouldn't dry out. She was right! My second appointment saw slight clearing, but what was even more impressive was how much healthier my skin looked and felt. Now three months down the road of using the products and looking back at my intake picture, I look like a completely different person! I barely ever wear foundation anymore because my skin looks so good! Thanks Mary!" ~ Lauren K.

"I can't recommend this place enough! As a long time acne sufferer, I feel like I have used every gel, cream, wash, system and medication out there. I have been to Pittsburgh's best dermatologists and even a nutritionist to try and clear my acne. Nothing has even come close to the holistic and truly educational approach that Mary Bickley takes in curing acne. You do have to stay consistent and follow the regimen she provides, but its easy, and absolutely worth it! Mary is knowledgeable, kind, and very thorough. You will leave her office with a whole new understanding of your own skin and what products or practices in your daily routine may be sabotaging your complexion. I have never felt comfortable being in public without foundation on, until using these products. I look at my "before" pictures and cannot believe my skin was ever that bad! I found Clearskin Acne Solutions almost 4 years ago, have remained clear, and would never go anywhere else!" ~ Mary A.

"I started this summer with some pretty nasty acne and I am happy to report that my skin looks GREAT after visiting Clearskin...Mary is great- she is so down to earth, and I would highly recommend giving her a call. She really takes a personal interest in clearing your skin- My ONLY regret is that I waited so long!" ~ Nick B.

"Thank you for all you did for my daughter, Gretchen. Her skin looks so beautiful in her recent school photos. It has helped her self esteem so much and she Is so happy with her skin!" ~ Julie S.

"This program is amazing! Mary is very honest and straightforward with pricing and results! You must stick to the program and you will do amazing. My skin glows and is completely clear after 3 months. Some may consider it pricey but you get fantastic results and the products are definitely less expensive than anything you would purchase from Sephora." ~ Erin H.

"I have had acne for 4 years and my skin constantly altered between clear and severely broken out. I tried just about every product, medicine(except actuante), and natural remedy, however nothing seemed to help. This past summer I found that my face had begun to break out once again worse than usual. We found the clear skin ad in a magazine and decided to give it a try. The owner of the company, Mary, was super kind and made me feel confident that we would get through the process together. After my 7th visit I have completed the program and have had little to no breakouts. My skin feels so much healthier than before and my face washing routine is super easy to maintain." ~ Briana S.

"I have tried just about everything to get rid of acne (except from Accutane). At the age of 30, I was getting a little tired of the acne, so I checked this out. It is an investment of money and some time, but worth it!! I can't believe in over a decade I've been going to a dermatologist, they never gave me a list of "safe makeup." And why did I never know that sushi can cause acne?!? Mary taught me a lot about my own skin, more than any doctor has, and I love my skin now! It feels the best it ever has!" ~ Dara D.

"Clearskin Solutions is a miracle! I have never been happier with my skin. I have been blemish-free, balanced and under control for 9 months now! I am 45 years old and I have been thru every kind of treatment imaginable since I was 13. Accutane, tetracycline, retin-A, chemical peels, even the expensive "fixes". I've tried it ALL. My skin has truly NEVER looked better than since I've visited Clearskin Solutions. Mary knows her profession and she delivers clear skin! Follow the steps and trust that it will work for you too!" ~ Joanne G.

"This is the only acne regimen and treatment that has ever worked for me ! Anyone on the fence about getting Clear skin solutions services and products; do it!! You will not be disappointed within 2 months my skin did a complete 360. Mary the owner is awesome and so fun and is very knowledgeable. And the products are the best I have ever tried and I have tried everything! And very affordable and simple! Overall extremely impressed and will stay religious with this regimen for years to come." ~ Andrew I.

"After decades of trying everything without lasting results, I decided to try Clearskin Acne Solution's three month program. I'm ecstatic to report the my skin is clear and continues to stay clear even months after finishing the program! As an adult in my 40s, I was concerned about the drying affects of the acne products. Mary tailored the program for my skin and it is softer and more radiant than ever. I highly recommend Clearskin Acne Solutions for people in all stages of life! It's never to late to get clear skin!!" ~ Linde R.

"I am the mother of two teenage daughters who have suffered with acne for several years. My husband is a physician so, I went the medical route and took them to the dermatologist. The doctors prescribed oral medication,washes and topical treatments. After about three years of dermatological care, the girls were very frustrated with the results. In addition to continued breakouts, the girls suffered stomach ailments from the oral medication as well as extremely dry, peeling and painful skin. It seemed that the treatment was causing more problems than the acne. Then, I read the advertisement in the back of a local community magazine for Clearskin Acne Solutions. I was skeptical but, I scheduled a consultation with Mary. She explained the program and her approach to treatment. She showed us many before and after photographs of her clients. Mary is very passionate about helping her clients. The girls were very hopeful and wanted to try the program. In late March 2014, the girls started treatment. The plan involves bi-weekly appointments with Mary in addition to a wash and topical cream regimen designed for each client. By June, the girls had beautiful, healthy, clear skin! Mary continues to treat the girls with less frequent appointments. Her goal is to make every client’s skin perfect. Although we would like to tell other acne sufferers about Clearskin, it is very difficult to approach the topic. Kids don’t want to talk about it. It is usually a parent’s decision as to what treatment to pursue. My daughters and I highly recommend Mary Bickley and Clearskin Acne Solutions. Call and schedule a consultation!" ~ GV

"About a year ago my oldest son's acne was so bad the dermatologist recommended putting him on Accutane. After reading about the side effects of this drug and talking with others, I knew that was not an option. Since no over the counter or even prescription medications were helping, I felt hopeless. Then a friend emailed me Mary Bickley's web address and suggested I look into her program. All her products are homeopathic (all natural), which appealed to me. With acne, I feared something "natural" would not be strong enough to help our situation, but I went to the free consultation she offered anyhow. She explained her program and guaranteed his face would be cleared up in around 3-4 months. I skeptically made her repeat her "guarantee". The key to the entire program is doing it everyday without exception. We started at the beginning of the summer but then he went on overnights, camping trips, vacation, events not conducive to daily anything. So we did not see great results after 3 months. Then school started with the routines and daily disciplines and we started seeing the results. His face actually began to get clear! My second son also had a significant amount of acne and I'm sure would have been in the same boat had Mary not started him on the program right away. His skin is almost clear now also. Boys prone to acne during these high hormonal ages will rarely be 100% clear, but to look at their skin now, compared to the inflamed blemishes that once dominated both their faces, it's amazing! It has been such a blessing to get this area of their teenage years under control and with a product that is not damaging their liver, giving them suicidal thoughts, or needing declared if they ever donate blood. An article about her program is attached and her contact information is below. She is a really neat person that I have become friends with. I encourage you to try her program if you have a child struggling with acne or, if your family has a history, to get your child started before the acne develops. If you do give her a try, please let her know I recommended her as she loves to hear how people find her! Feel free to call me if you would like to know more specifics and forward this to anyone who might be blessed by a natural alternative to drugs and prescriptions. Thanks," ~ Debbie R